My name is Tyler Hand, and I build web apps

About Me

Hi, my name is Tyler Hand, and I'm an application developer from Portland, Oregon. Currently, I'm building multiple web applications for Oregon's public schools, using Symfony and Ember. My background in development is focused mainly on PHP and Javascript, both in their raw form and using frameworks and tools such as Symfony, Ember, JQuery, and some working Knowledge of React. That said, I love exploring new languages and libraries to push the boundaries of my knowledge. Working with a small team, I've gained experience across all the phases of development, from meeting with clients to deployment. I pride myself in being the goto guy for coding help on my team.

Personally, I like to view myself as a calm and friendly individual. I enjoy biking, watching soccer, and trying new beers. Also, I have a bit of passion for old videogames, and I can kind of geek out over arcade cabinets. I'm always looking for an excuse to travel more.


Here are some projects I've worked on

SubDocs (Multnomah ESD)

Subdocs is an application currently being developed to track substitute teachers and their work related documents throughout the school districts of Oregon. Built to be more API based, as it will need to communicate with various other substitute teacher systems. Uses PHP with Symfony for the backend that follows JSON API standards, and Ember.js for the frontend. I have been the sole developer on the project thus far.

ORSkills (Multnomah ESD)

ORSkills is a system to upload and score tests for a set of programs for both essential skills testing and dual credit testing. Uses PHP with Symfony, and handles the upload and viewing of worksamples as PDFs, audio, video, and images. I worked with anywhere from one to three other developers on the project, and my responsibilities were the media upload and playback, the scoring workflows, and various other components.

ORMed (Multnomah ESD)

ORMed is a web application that tracks and bills medicaid services for special needs students in Oregon. It also handles the information needed to validate medicaid bills, such as the IEP information, service provider recommendations, and medicaid elgibility. I worked with another developer on the project, and my duties focused acrossed most of the project including the IEP component, the validation process, and various tools for service providers.

History Fusion Prototype (School Project)

A full term project I worked on with 8 other students for the University of Pittsburgh's History Department. Built a basic proof of concept web application that takes various datasets from different contexts and allows a user to display comparisons and graphs between any datasets. I met with the clients to collect business requirements, and helped develop schema, and built the dataset upload tools using PHP and Python.


Technical Work

Multnomah Education Service District, Portland, OR
Application Developer
May 2013 - Current

Fedex, Pittsburgh, PA
Software Development Intern
May 2012 - August 2012


Univeristy of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
B.S. in Computer Science
Attended August 2009 - May 2013
Graduated with honors


Email: handty@gmail.com
Phone: (717) 377-0345
Github: tyhand